Every Steps To Happiness

Sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve  never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching,

and live like it’s heaven on earth.

— Mark Twain

Why The

SymphonyOf Life ?

      I liken life to a Sinfonie. Beethovan’s symphonies can show us the variety through which we live our lives, in the 3rd Heroic Symphony, in the 5th Symphony “Our Destiny knocks at the door”, in the 9th Odes of Joy Symphony and all his works go beyond the limits of harmony, emotional content passing from one state to another.

We are the conductors of the Symphony that we want to create.

Meditation With Ocean Waves

When you think of the Ocean what feelings surround you? Relaxation? Joy? Calm? Infinite?  Enter in meditation on the music of the waves to get relax, to find yourself, cleaning the accumulated stress.

Meditation With sound of fireplace

When you think of fire, what comes to mind? what feelings do you come up with? Warm? Peace? Christmas? Relaxation? In this meditation you can cleanse all negative thoughts and feelings by throwing them into the fire and replacing them with peace, harmony and joy of being. Enjoy of this meditation by creating your own program

Meditation with birds chirping

How would you feel if you stay in a field full of flowers… with the sound of birds and crickets…. to feel the earth… to feel the smell of flowers and earth. In this meditation you can go deep into your soul and find your essence…. answers that you keep looking for and do not find … truths about you

Meditation of liberation

 Whenever you dreamed that you fly over cities, mountains, oceans, to feel free to go where you want….

  In this meditation, open your wings and be free to fly to the places you have dreamed of so many times… above mountains and oceans, plains and cities.

Enjoy freedom


Meditation give you the
ability to reflect on yourself and
expand your consciousness while
freeing your mind from the thoughts



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